When my mom was here she commented that several things about how we live reminded her of the 50s or 60s. Our grocery store reminded her of the old Hospers grocery store. Super Deal, our store, is small with narrow isles and although there is a wide variety of items we don’t have multiple varieties of each item. For example, there are 2 kinds of spaghetti, not dozens like you would find in the States.

Here’s the outside of the store.

And the inside.

And when you check out, the checkers are all sitting down. You generally bag your own groceries unless you’re going too slow. Then the 1 bagger for 4 lines comes to help. Quite often they start checking out the next person in line before I can get everything bagged. Then it’s a matter of claiming your goods before the other guy does.

Super Deal is our closest grocery store, just a 5 minute walk. It’s also has the most imported good and is the most expensive store.  The other store is 20 minutes (I’ll post pictures later.) and then there’s always the 45 minute walk to the Shuk.