Yesterday morning Joanna had a well-baby appointment. It’s actually still the 2nd half of her 1 year vaccinations, but that’s another long story. (If you’re wondering why a Sunday morning, Sundays are like Mondays here as everyone has church on Saturdays to align with the Jewish Shabbat.) Her appointment was at 10 am and it takes about 20 minutes to walk there. I must have been walking a bit slower than usual because I realized I would be about 2 minutes late. I called the doctor’s office to tell them I was almost there but that I’d be a couple minutes late. First the nurse tried to tell me my appointment wasn’t until 11:30, and then she tried to get me to reschedule because they didn’t have the vaccines on hand. I was nearly to the clinic by then so I said I’d come anyway.

Here’s the entrance to the clinic. Notice there is no sign. Let’s just say it wasn’t the easiest place to find on my first visit.

There is no reception desk. Only this waiting room.

Nearly everyone working there speaks Hebrew and little English. Thankfully my friend Laura had just taken her daughter there and informed me that I needed to write my name on the list that is on the doctor’s door. In a few minutes it was our turn. At this point I still did not know whom I had spoken to and why it even mattered if I had a 10 or 11:30 appointment if it was a matter of who’s next on the list. Anyway, we did the whole check up thing and then were told to wait for the vaccine. I asked how long and she said, “I wait minute by minute.” I assumed that meant anytime.

Finally at 11:30 other children started wailing during their check ups. Since no one was coming to get us to say the vaccines had arrived, I flagged down a nurse. Sure enough, the vaccines had arrived and I needed to wait until she was done with the next patient. At noon Joanna was getting her two shots. At 12:30, after our mandatory 20 minute wait period following vaccinations, we finally began our 20 minute walk home.

Oh and here’s a pic of our shortcut to the doctor. Walk through a rundown, deserted parking lot, cross through the trees, turn left pass the bars (pictured below), turn right on the brick road and left at the railroad tracks. Don’t worry, it’s safe, just a bit bumpy for Joanna. 🙂