Some friends of ours, Diane and David Beaureguard, are in charge of Thanksgiving dinner for everyone at JUC. Since they have a lot to do to prepare for 90 people, Brandon and I are helping when we can. This morning we chopped LOTS of veggies. Brandon cut 50 carrots. I sliced 8 heads garlic. Someone else was slicing 200 potatoes. The guys even had to chop the head off the turkey! (It was already dead and plucked.) My plan was to post a few pics, but I forgot. Some of you are thankful for that given the last statement. 🙂

Tomorrow I’m making my first pecan pie, we’ll help set up in the afternoon and Brandon is one of the servers. They’re hoping to make things a little more formal than filing through the cafeteria line. It should be fun. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!