May 2010

We wanted to jot a quick post to let everyone know we made it to the states safely. We left for the Tel Aviv airport at 12:45 am on Thursday (Israel time) and arrived at our “summer home” in Orange City at 9 am on Friday (Israel time). We would love to say the trip home was uneventful, but we ran into a couple snags. At first Joanna wasn’t ticketed correctly in the system so we spent some time in Tel Aviv straightening out her ticket. In Frankfort we had a 1/2 hour flight delay due to mechanical problems. When we arrived in Chicago there was a delay in getting our bags off the plane, related to that mechanical problem, which made us miss our connecting flight to Omaha. Thankfully they were able to get us on the next flight. After 32 hours of travel, we are very thankful to be done with that part of our transition. Now we need to work on the jetlag.


3 days left that is! Yikes! Where has the time gone. We’ve had guests here the past week and they’ve loved on Joanna quite a bit. Here are some of the pics they’ve taken.

One morning while we were getting ready, Joanna came up to me dressed in this…nothing but her diaper and tennies. Very funny guys!

Please pray for our travels home. We have a layover in Germany so we need prayers that the volcano doesn’t cause flight cancellations. Our flight departs at 5 am Israel time on Thursday (9pm CST, Wednesday). We have layovers in Germany and Chicago and will arrive in Omaha at 7:15 pm CST on Thursday (3:15 am Friday, Israel time). Then it’s on to Orange City to sleep off some jet-lag. 🙂

Sunday we went with the JUC group on the student activity day. They do one each semester. Last semester we went hiking in the Golan Heights. This time we went on a short hike in the Shephelah and then to the beach in Ashkelon.

The Shephelah is agricultural land here so it was really green. We got rained on a bit and it was cool, but the hike was beautiful and not too difficult for the pregnant lady. 🙂

At noon we barbecued and then headed to the beach. Joanna’s been near the beach a couple of times here but never in the water. This time she got to go in the water. She was very hesitant at first and took a little while to warm up to the idea of water rushing at her feet. Eventually, she figured out that the water came to her and she got excited each time a wave came close.

This was our last big outing as a family in Israel, and it was so much fun!

Sometimes I think Israeli drivers attempt the most difficult maneuvers when driving. Maybe they don’t feel like driving around another hill. Maybe the roads are too confusing and they get lost a lot. Whatever the situation, I’ve seen countless u-turns attempted in the most difficult and dangerous circumstances. Take this one for example.

On a seemingly quiet afternoon, I was annoyed by the on and off beeping noise of a large vehicle going in reverse. Lots of vehicles here have those annoying beepers so I assumed it was another car pulling out of their parking spot in front of our apartment. Then it kept going, and going, and going. Soon there were horns honking. I decided to go check it out. This is what I saw…

The bus was indeed traveling right on this road. He must have forgotten something at home because he decided to u-turn on a busy 2 lane road. Luckily he was able to utilize the available parking spaces to just squeeze through. There must have been an easier way.