It’s finally happening. After 2 months in Saint Louis, we’re actually finding routine. It’s been quite the rollercoaster of events these past few months.

First we had the move, unpacking, finding our way around St Louis and preparing for a baby.

Then came the baby. Ellie joined our family one month ago and Brandon’s RA staff arrived the same day. (Talk about impeccable timing). Brandon was super busy with training and preparing for campus to open so Grandma Barb was here for the first week and Grandma Kathy came for week 2. Kathy’s visit was cut a bit short due to the death of Brandon’s Grandma Van Marel.

We got word on Saturday that it probably wouldn’t be much longer for Grandma so Brandon drove Kathy back to Orange City. He was able to talk to Grandma and say his goodbyes. She passed away Sunday morning. After being in OC 13 hours, he was on the road again for the 9 hour trip home. We had 3 days to pack and get things in order here, and then we were all headed to Orange City.

On Thursday made the trip to Orange City in 10 hours…not bad with 2 kids. 🙂 We were able to be at the visitation that evening and the funeral the next morning. Grandma was a special lady and she blessed many people in her 97 years.

Friday afternoon we traveled to Omaha for Kelly’s brother’s wedding. Friday night was rehearsal and Saturday afternoon we had the wedding. Joanna was a super cute flower girl. She ran down the aisle, realized she hadn’t dropped any flowers, proceeded to hold the basket high above her head to dump out all the flowers, and promptly found her place by Grandma and Grandpa. Three week old, Eliana slept through the whole thing, but she sure looked cute in the dress Grandma Barb made for her. Hopefully our beauties didn’t show up the bride and groom. Brett couldn’t have found a better match and we’re glad to have Amanda as our sister-in-law.

Sunday we headed back to Saint Louis. Unfortunately this trip also took us 10 hours when we expected it to take 8. Boo! Oh well, at least we were home safe.

Last week was our detox week. (Grandparents and aunts/uncles sure know how to spoil these kids.) This week I think we’re all finally on track. Although life has been a bit of a whirlwind, God has sustained us through it all. We are grateful for his strength. Who knows what September will bring.