Yikes! It’s Oct 22. That means 2 things. First, I’m very behind on my promise of a monthly post. But hey, it’s still October. Second, this is my last day in the 20’s. Yep, the big Three-O is tomorrow. Considering my mom’s 30th birthday party is one of my earliest memories, I’m beginning to feel old. Kinda.

Brandon is really enjoying his classes at Covenant. One of his classes requires him to be in a small group with other first year students and a professor. The professor in his group is “Bob” Yarbrough. He’s a well known New Testament scholar and author. One of his books was actually recommended to Brandon prior to attending Covenant. Ironically, when Bob was in seminary one of the guys in his small group was Matt Floding, the NWC chaplain Brandon’s freshman year of college.

Joanna is saying new words nearly every day. Although she’s still quite a bit behind most of her peers, we’re encouraged by the progress she’s made in the last month. We had her 2 year pictures taken the other day, and I can’t believe how much she’s changed into a little girl instead of a toddler since we came back from Israel. This is the outfit she wore in her pics…

Ellie is sleeping through the night most nights. Yeah for sleep! She’s such a happy baby and quite frequently indulges us with smiles. This is a pic from her 2 month birthday.